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Intelligent Africa Marketing and Training
was awarded Programme Accreditation Number 2228. This means that our South African clients are able to claim back part of their Skills Development Levy, as per the Skills Development Act.
Intelligent Africa is proud to be associated with Saaci. Saaci is the central professional forum and communication centre for the conference industry in Southern Africa. Intelligent Africa's membership number is: S1186

Regarding Accreditation...

Although Intelligent Africa has Institutional Accreditation with Services SETA and have many of their programmes accredited. There are enquiries about training programmes without credits and NQF levels.

There is a misguided opinion that South African organisations can only claim their levies back if the training course has unit standards, credits and NQF Levels. This is not entirely correct.

In the Government Gazette (No.20865 of 7 February 2000), it clearly state that the Skills Development Levies Act provides for recovery of a levy payment based on the submission of workplace Skills Plans (WSPs), Workplace Skills Implementation Plans (WSIPs), and the submission of the names of Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs), and not on the basis of only attending courses that has unit standards, credits and NQF Levels.

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