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Advanced Public Service Policy Development, Implementation and Management Strategies in the Public Sector

One of the major mistakes and misconceptions that lead to failure in policy implementation is the belief that one policy could suit different organisations and work settings. In fact, different departments within the same organisation may react differently to a policy and hence policy makers need to formulate a general policy that suits all since the suitability of a policy may differ across organisations depending on culture, mode of governance, institutional landscape, etc. Since policy making and implementation need to be undertaken carefully, understanding the process, the best practices related to successful policy implementation and the possible challenges that one could face during the process becomes important for public sector professionals.

This training course will empower you with thorough knowledge and complete information on the end-to-end policy process, from identification to outcome. Undertaking this course will give you the necessary experience and exposure to play an important role in successful policy implementation such that employees of your organisation identify with the policy and follow it well, resulting in the desired outcomes defined at the start. This course will also prepare you for multiple challenges that you may encounter during the process, with both internal and external influence, such that you can pre-empt these and not allow these to affect your policy and the resultant benefits to your organisation and its employees. The knowledge gained through this course will broaden your perspective and add to your skill set to be able to keep pace with the changing needs of public administration because of modernisation in the public sector, thus building your competency in terms of skill and experience.

    • Understanding the relationship and inter-dependence between policy and strategy
    • The political-managerial interface dynamics of a strategic approach to policy formulation and implementation
    • Perform a situation analysis to determine actual needs for service delivery
    • Select alternative strategies to implement public policies
    • Establish a measurable management framework for policy implementation
    • Cascade the strategy formulation process down to tactical and operational institutional levels
    • Design an institutional performance management system based on selected strategies
    • An HR appraisal system based on KPI’s, Performance targets and organisational core values
    • Formulate operational institutional policies to direct and support the strategy formulation and implementation process
  • Deputy and Assistant Director
  • Policy Facilitators
  • Head of Directorates
  • Municipal Managers
  • Head of Departments
  • Middle Managers
  • Organisational Development Managers
  • CFO’s
  • Integrated Development Planners
  • CEO’s
  • After successful completion of this 5 day course on Advanced Public Service Policy Development, Implementation and Management Strategies in the Public Sector, including the assignment/POE.The learner will receive 20 Credits from STADIO/ SBS for the subject Business Communication (BCU100) which will count towards the Higher Certificate in Management NQF Level 5, or Diploma in Management NQF Level 6. The learner will be registered for non-qualification purposes with STADIO/ SBS for the subject Business Communication (BCU100)

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    Jul 04 - 08 2022


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    • Timezone: America/New_York
    • Date: Jul 04 - 08 2022
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    • Prof Nicolene Barkhuizen
      Prof Nicolene Barkhuizen
      BCom HR, Hons BCom Labour Relations, MCom Industrial Psychology, Phd Industrial Psychology

      Nicolene received several awards for her academic performance during her studies. Subsequently Nicolene began her career as a lecturer and academic in 2005.Currently Nicolene has more than 100 scientific publications including books, chapters in textbooks, peer reviewed conference proceedings and journal articles. She presented more than 150 research papers at both local and international conferences. Nicolene has served as the Chair of the SABPP during 2011 and 2012 as well on its executive board. Nicolene’s research outputs have resulted in various research awards and nominations. In 2006 she was awarded Faculty Junior Researcher of the Year, at University of Johannesburg. Nicolene’s employment at the North-West University resulted in the following research awards: Faculty Senior Researcher of the Year (2013) and Rectors Award for the Most Productive Researcher in the Faculty of Commerce and Administration (2013)

    • Prof. Nico Schutte
      BA Hons H R Development, MA Masters Management and Development, PhD Public Administration, PhD Industrial Psychology

      BA Hons H R Development, MA Masters Management and Development, PhD Public Administration, PhD Industrial Psychology

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